supportSupport for Students with Learning Disabilities.

Stockholm International School provides Special Support for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Services are available for identified students primarily in the areas of Mathematics and Language. Intervention can vary based on each student's individual need and the level of support required. Intervention ranges from monitoring services in class to pull out assistance in one-on-one or small group settings.

Students are identified as needing Special Support after a referral is issued by teachers or parents. Students who have received support in previous schools are automatically accepted into our Special Support Program. Following the referral, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is designed to attend to the specific needs of each student. All of the accommodations stated in an IEP will be followed in all classroom settings to facilitate the student's learning.

If a greater level of assistance is required than that of which is available at Stockholm International School, the Special Support team will require, in addition to the parents' support and cooperation, a consultation with external professionals : Educational Psychologists, Psychologists, Special Education Instructors, Learning Assistants, Physiotherapists, or Speech Pathologists, in order to achieve the best intervention possible.

There are a number of additional services that support the teaching and learning of the students at SIS.