map-testingMAP (Measures of Academic Progress®) Testing

In 2015 the school took on a new format for external testing called MAP. Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) are K – 12 interim assessments that measure growth, project proficiency on high-stakes tests, and inform how educators differentiate instruction, evaluate programs, and structure curriculum. To read more about MAP Testing, click here.

SIS MAP Testing Coordinator - Mr Bradley Lister

External testing services at Stockholm International School

Stockholm International School is a test center offering limited external testing including MAP, SAT, PSAT*. Most of these testing opportunities are provided for SIS students only.

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

  • SAT – routinely the first Saturday in October.
  • SAT - routinely the last Saturday in January.
  • Registration and test dates follow the College Board international testing calendar.
  • Students taking SAT Subject tests must register for two separate testing dates.
  • SAT testing is open to the general public. Test places for SIS students cannot be guaranteed.

PSAT* - Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

PSAT testing is only for SIS students and routinely takes place the third Wednesday in October. Students may register for PSAT as long as there are tests available and pay the test fee at the Annexe B reception. Testing takes place at SIS during school hours.

External testing is a courtesy service and registration is often on a first come, first serve basis. Places are limited and fill quickly. Students are independently responsible to register for testing. This information is subject to change. For detailed information: Find an Exam Center - Collegeboard Website

Contact: Mrs Carol Wegdell