What Is PTA?

Parents Teacher Association

The PTA’s main purpose is to form a partnership with the school, supporting and enriching academic, cultural, physical and social development of all students at SIS. We also aim to develop a sense of community and build school spirit for all SIS families and staff members.

The PTA is run by a group of volunteer parents many of whom also work. If you are a new family to SIS or a returning family, being a volunteer for our PTA is a great way for you to be involved in school life and meet other SIS parents. There are many wonderful opportunities for you to be involved and your time and efforts are valued. It could be as little or as much as you choose. Any contribution is worthwhile, effective parent involvement in our school helps prepare our students to be responsible and engaged global citizens. Ultimately your contribution will benefit your own child too.

The PTA organizes a variety of social activities and clubs to our parent members, these include a diverse range of clubs and outings, such as a book club, choir club, walking groups or lunch clubs.

The PTA provides support for key school initiatives and helps to fund activities. The PTA also holds information sessions for parents to enjoy throughout the year.

If you would like to contact the PTA Board at any time, you can email us at pta@intsch.se or feel free to talk to a PTA Board member at any time.

PTA Board Members

President: Mark Savage

Vice Presidents: Johanna Hajman, Charlotte Lado Naess, Jamilla Thrane

Treasurer: Catherine Miller

Secretary: Claude Kelly

Teacher Representative: Gunjit Sethi