Managebac FAQ

"ManageBac" that is a online learning and communication platform for IB world schools. ManageBac enables efficient curriculum planning, assessment and reporting, while eliminating paperwork and enhancing communication to parents and students.
Managabac is not just used by Teachers and Students for curriculum planning, assessment and communication. All Parents receive Managebac account information once there child has been enrolled and parents can keep track of their children/s academic progress online. Academic reports are no longer printed but are accessed by parents on Managebac. The school administration and teachers also use Managebac for school communication via the Parents of SIS group on Managebac. 
Students will receive their account details when they receive their school computers. Parents will receive an email from Managebac after their child/ren have been enrolled at SIS.
The school sends out communication to Parents via the "Parents of SIS" group on Managebac. To minimize the mass email notifications to our parents, only very important messages will be emailed to Parents. This is why it is important that Parents check this page regularly to keep up to date with communications.  If you have any questions in regards to school communications, please contact our Communications Officer Ms Rachel Matchett. 
Click this link for the Guide for Parents on Managebac. Students, Teachers and Parents can also get assistance at one of our TechBars in our Library media centers. These are open everyday between 10:30-12:30. 
It is important that Parents keep their contact information updated on Managebac. If you have any issues or questions in regarding your families contact information, please contact our Admissions office.