Since my arrival in Stockholm in July 2018, I have been incredibly touched by the kindness and warmth shown to me by the Board, the faculty, the staff, the students and the parents. There is a culture of kindness that pervades the school, brought about, no doubt, by the continual emphasis on ensuring that all feel valued.

The diversity of our SIS community is tremendously appealing, with teachers and students coming from 60 nations, including Sweden. This diversity extends throughout the city of Stockholm. It is one of the world’s great capitals: international and incredibly cosmopolitan.

SIS makes a huge contribution to the city - embassies, major corporations, and medical centers count on our world-class international school to support the families of the professionals they bring to Stockholm. Consequently, nearly 80% of our students and teachers are international, and this means that our students engage every day in the rich and global world that already exists and are well prepared for the international world they will inherit and lead.

SIS is one of the older non-profit international schools in Europe and a founding member of the European Council of International Schools and the Nordic Network. From Early years through Middle and Upper School, our students are inspired by their peers and a talented and supportive faculty who are dedicated to challenging them and providing them with the tools for educational and personal success in the 21st century. 

SIS has the warmth and feel of a small school with the opportunities and the diversity of a large school. Our strategic plan envisions even more growth and a move to a more spacious facility. This growth, of course, is informed or is guided (did not like constrained) by the strong desire to maintain our vibrancy and our culture of kindness.

You can find all the information about SIS here on our website, but what is harder to gauge is the distinctive spirit and the energy that pervades the SIS experience and our community. 

If you are a prospective parent I invite you to meet some of our students, faculty, coaches, and administration as you make important school choice decisions. If your child is already at SIS, you are welcome to attend the monthly “Lunch with the Director”. I would be delighted to meet with you and listen or even just to say “Hej”.

María (Marisa) Isabel León